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MetaCan includes two companies and 14 SKUs. The brands include MetaCan Professional and HempFusion. Both companies source only premium natural ingredients and meet all FDA and DEA regulations. All products are available in retail stores across the country.

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HempFusion™ is a consumer-oriented product portfolio featuring our proprietary Whole Food Hemp Complex, with phytocompounds as master adaptogens, which are combined with other botanicals that support Endocannabinoid System health*. These products are available in select health food stores nationwide or at

There are currently five SKU’s in the HempFusion line: 3.0 for daily balance, 5.0 for extra-strength daily balance, Digestive, Sleep and Stress*. All our HempFusion products utilize our unique Phospholivery ™ delivery system, which suspends the dietary ingredients in a matrix of essential fatty acids that support absorption*.

HempFusion Products

HempFusion 5.0
HempFusion 3.0
HempFusion Digestive
HempFusion Sleep
HempFusion Stress
HempFusion Energy 12-Count Box
HempFusion Sleep 12-Count Box
HempFusion Stress 12-Count Box
HempFusion 5.0 12-Count Box

Our Professional Line

MetaCan Pro

MetaCan Professional is our professional quality suite of products, featuring our proprietary base of Whole Food Hemp Complex. It is coupled with a naturally-derived food-grade matrix, which includes phytocompounds and other phytonutrients to support Endocannabinoid health.

This line of products is only available through licensed health care professionals.

MetaCan Professional is a practitioner line that combines the power, complexity and results of select phytocompounds, terpenes, essential fatty acids and other scientifically-tested ingredients that support various health concerns such as sleep, stress and digestion*.

MediCan Pro Line of Products
MetaCan Pro Bottles

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Retail Partners

MetaCan products appear in over 1,000 retail partners and among known brands like Vitamin Shoppe.