Industry Leading Quality Standards

Over the last three decades MetaCan’s executive team has formulated, branded and launched hundreds of successful products into the Natural Products industry in the United States and abroad. We believe that when manufactured according to international standards of dosing, testing and manufacture the unique compounds found in Hemp Extracts have the power to help millions of people live a better and more balanced life.

Superior Sourcing

MetaCan sources its proprietary hemp extracts from three unique cultivars of European land race industrial hemp produced exclusively for our products. The cultivars have been carefully selected to provide a full spectrum extract strictly from stalk and seed complemented with other botanicals to create our proprietary Whole Food Hemp Complex targeting Endocannabinoid System (ECS) balance.

Industry Leading Manufacturing & Testing

We employ strict quality-control measures in every batch of products we manufacture. There is never a question of what an individual is receiving when they make a purchase.

We use multiple 3rd party testing laboratories at each step of the manufacturing  process to ensure compliance and consistency.

Complete Traceability and Transparency

MetaCan gives customers and partners greater peace of mind by closely tracking lot numbers for each ingredient and product. All products are manufactured with strict adherence to cGMP.

Innovative Product Formulation

We work closely with a team of medical professionals to develop intensive research and development on or formulations. MetaCan is proud to be an industry leader in safety, product innovation and value. With decades of experience working with natural products, MetaCan’s veteran team extracts, processes and formulates with carefully selected ingredients never resorting to synthetic chemicals. We maintain a strict policy of NO GMO products whatsoever.

Our co-founder and lead formulator Jason Michell uses decades of formulation experience to develop the innovative methods we employ to make our products safe and effective.