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MetaCan is advancing the education, science and research of hemp extracts and terpenes by creating innovative, proprietary consumer product lines derived from biologically active extracts found primarily in hemp in addition to a variety of other natural food and botanical sources, which aims to support Endocannabinoid System function.*

Two Brands. 14 Products.

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Let us introduce ourselves

About the Team

Our Team is comprised of a group of accomplished and dynamic industry experts and legal advisors.

HempFusion Interview

We are proud to be poised as leaders with trusted brands within the rapidly expanding hemp and phyto-compound category with trusted brands in the rapidly expanding hemp category.

Meet the members of our team

Our world-class team is a deeply dedicated, highly experienced team of executive leaders.

How it all came to be…

Our Vision. Our Passion.

Our Commitment is to deliver the world’s most trusted brands with the highest level of integrity and quality from seed to sale. Our innovative and proprietary technologies, high quality raw food-grade materials, and cGMP manufacturing standards allow for scalable, safe, and consistent product lines that respond to the evolving international marketplaces.

Our Passion is to create a business with transparency and integrity from farm to shelf. We believe in the win-win win approach to business and know by applying and being guided by these principles, we can positively benefit our company, customers and business partners.

Our Purpose is rooted in respect for the healing power of hemp as well as the entire plant kingdom. We believe that nature knows best and that  plant-derived compounds, may offer daily support to the lives of our customers and their families.

Committed to the Industry

Fully FDA-Compliant

MetaCan is committed to working with the regulatory agencies to ensure not just MetaCan formulation and production are fully complaint, but to also work with industry leaders to educate and maintain high standards for all manufacturers.

The health benefits of hemp extract is too important for fringe players to potentially have a negative impact on the hemp market. MetaCan works daily to maintain strong professional standards within the industry.

Brick & Mortar and Online

Diverse Retail Footprint

MetaCan has strong networks and relationships in the retail distribution marketplace througout the country, and strong social media and e-commerce partners working online, including Amazon.